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Banking with a Credit Card

Credit cards are one of the best ways for players to deposit funds at an online casino, mainly because they are widely accepted, and are incredibly easy to use. Because so many people want to use this depositing option, it won’t surprise you to find that most online casinos accept this payment method. Many credit card companies and banks in South Africa won’t allow their cards to be used at online gambling sites though, so you might need to find an alternative option.

If you can use a credit card though, it’s certainly a depositing method we’d recommend. Nearly all the sites we’ve reviewed allow credit card payments, and we’ve identified a few of them as being better than the rest. So, just look through our reviews of the top online casinos for players in SA to find out where you should be playing. Alternatively, just head to our top online casino for credit card players, which is .

On this credit card page, we’ll tell you:

  • How to deposit and withdraw with a credit card
  • Which online casinos are best for those using a credit card
  • Why many people prefer to deposit using a credit card
It’s incredibly easy to deposit with a credit card, and many people will already be used to using credit cards online.

How We Review Credit Card Casinos

When we review sites, we always do so in the most thorough way possible. Because we’re so thorough, you’ll be able to get the best overview possible of the site in question, and decide whether it’s the place for you to play. In each review, we’ll let you know if the site accepts credit card payments, as well as the other payment options available. We’ll also tell you about the different bonuses on offer at the different sites, meaning that you’ll always be able to get the best value for money when you deposit.

There’s also much more you’ll find in our reviews, and one of the most important things we’ll tell you about is a site’s security. We’ll never recommend a site that isn’t completely safe for you to play at, and all recommended sites are overseen by reputable external organizations, such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. We’ll also tell you about all the games on offer, as well as the quality of the customer service. So, once you’re finished reading our reviews, you’ll easily be able to work out which credit card online gambling site is perfect for you!

How to Deposit and Withdraw with a Credit Card

It’s incredibly easy to deposit with a credit card, and many people will already be used to using credit cards online, to purchase items from online shops and other sites. To add money to your casino account, simply select the credit card option, and then input your card details. Once you’ve then chosen how much money to deposit, just confirm the deposit. You will then find the money in your casino account within seconds. Withdrawals are also started by clicking on the credit card option. They will take a couple of days to be processed though. It should also be noted that MasterCard users often won’t be able to withdraw using this method.

There is a big issue with credit cards though – most South African players won’t be able to use them for depositing or withdrawing. This is because the laws in South Africa make online gambling technically illegal, and credit card companies have reacted by preventing transactions with online gambling sites. You might be lucky and find that you can use your credit card, but if you can’t, you’ll find plenty of alternative payment methods you can use.

The Advantages of Using a Credit Card

Aside from the speed of the deposits, which are mentioned above, there are many other advantages to using a credit card when depositing at an online casino. The biggest advantage though is the security. Credit card companies work hard to protect their customers, and have loads of anti-fraud measures in place, as well as many other ways to protect your money and personal information. Of course, you also have to play at a trusted online casino to ensure you’re completely safe, but playing at one of our recommended casinos will ensure you do exactly that.

Then there’s the ease-of-use. While some other depositing methods can take some time, as you have to create accounts and then fund them, depositing with a credit card is incredibly easy. Just get your card from your pocket, and type in the details. There’s nothing more to it than that! Credit card deposits also don’t usually cost anything, unless the actual online casino charges for using them, so you won’t pay anything to deposit using this method – providing you make sure you repay the money you’ve spent at the end of the month!

Deposit Using a Credit Card Today!

If you’re one of the South Africans lucky enough to be able to deposit with a credit card, we certainly recommend using this depositing option. So, just look through the reviews of the online casinos at this site, and find out which credit card online casino you should be playing at in 2022!

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Can credit cards be used at online casinos?

Unfortunately, most online casino players in SA won’t be able to use credit cards to deposit and withdraw at online casinos. This is because most credit card companies have forbidden transactions to be made with online gambling sites, in order to comply with the online gambling laws in South Africa. Some people will find that they’re lucky enough to be able to use credit cards though.

How much does it cost to use a credit card?

Most credit card companies don’t charge any fees at all when they are used at online gambling sites, aside from the interest you’ll pay if you don’t make your repayment on time. Some online casino sites will charge you for making deposits and withdrawals using a credit card though, so make sure you check this before deciding to use this banking option at a site.

How fast are credit card deposits and withdrawals?

Those choosing to deposit at an online gambling site with a credit card will nearly always find that their funds are in their account within seconds. The only time a deposit can take longer is if the casino or the credit card company wants to double check the transaction. When it comes to withdrawals, most credit card withdrawals take around two days to be processed.

Is using a credit card safe?

If you’re looking for a really safe way to deposit at an online casino, there are none safer than credit cards. This is because companies such as VISA and MasterCard spend phenomenal amounts of money every year to protect their users against online fraud. You do need to play at a reputable casino to ensure your safety though, such as all the recommended casinos on this site.

How do credit cards compare to other methods?

Credit cards and debit cards are pretty similar to each other, with the only difference being the fact that you must remember to repay your credit card company, or you’ll have to pay interest. Credit cards aren’t able to be used by most South Africans though, unlike some other payment methods, including certain e-wallets, as well as Bitcoin.