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Poker is a worldwide phenomenon. In just a few years, it has gained a following of millions of players throughout the world, most of whom enjoy playing online. This is certainly the case in South Africa, where many players sit down at the tables every day, at a variety of different poker games, and for massively varied sums of money. It’s easy to understand why so many people love playing poker online, as it’s the perfect mix of skill and luck, plus the potential winnings can be absolutely massive!

With so many different South African poker sites, how do you choose the best one? Well, the answer is not complicated – just read through our real money poker site reviews, all of which are tailored specifically towards players in SA, and then sign up with the one you like the look of best. At the moment, we consider to be the best online poker site around, thanks to its great games and fantastic bonuses.

But what will you learn on this page? Well, you’ll find out:

  • Which sites are best for SA poker fans
  • The different poker types offered online
  • How to increase your chances of winning real cash
It’s easy to understand why so many people love playing poker online, as it’s the perfect mix of skill and luck.

The Top SA Poker Sites in 2022

South African players are lucky, as there are many fantastic places to play poker online. This means that you’ll need to choose which of them is the best fit for you – something that is made much easier when you read through our many poker site reviews. These reviews are completely honest, as we are not owned by any online poker company, and we’ll always let you know about both the good and bad points that a particular online poker site has.

When we review a site, we’ll look at all the important points, however nothing is more important than the security. We’ll test a site thoroughly to make sure it’s completely safe for you to play at, so you’ll always know you’re secure when playing at a site we’ve recommended. We’ll also tell you about the bonuses – particularly the welcome bonus – as well as the game variations and the customer service. Once you’ve finished reading a review, you’ll have the perfect overview of an online poker site!

The Different Types of Online Poker

In the online poker world, Texas Hold’em is the king, as it’s the game played by the majority of poker players. The reason for this is mainly the fact that it’s received a lot of publicity on TV, however it is also known as one of the most exciting versions of the game, as well as one of the easier versions to play. No Limit Texas Hold’em is the most commonly played variation of Texas Hold’em, as it offers the biggest prizes, however some prefer the tactical aspect of Pot Limit Texas Hold’em.

If you’re not a Texas Hold’em fan, you’ll find plenty of other versions of poker at most South African poker sites. These include games such as Omaha, Razz and Seven Card Stud. These games aren’t played by as many people, however it shouldn’t take long to find a game at the larger online poker sites.

There are also many different types of game formats, however the most popular are cash games – where a player sits down at a table and plays with their own real money for as long as they want – and tournaments. Tournaments can be anything from single-table tournaments, all the way through to tournaments with thousands of different players.

Online Poker Tips and Strategies

Online poker is a game filled with strategies and tactics, however the most important thing for new players to remember is this: you should be folding the majority of your hands, and not getting into pots with poor cards. Playing tight means that you should only enter a pot when you have a pocket pair or A-J or better. By doing so, you’ll increase your odds of winning each pot you enter. When you gain more experience, you can experiment with playing other hands and using more advanced tactics.

It’s also important to mention that bluffing should be a rare occurrence. Many people think that bluffing is an integral part of the game, but ideally you should limit bluffing to only the occasional hand. If you bluff too much, you might succeed a few times, but players will soon figure out that you’re a bluffing machine, and will then start to call more often. This will see your chip stack diminish quickly. So, by all means bluff occasionally, but don’t get carried away!

Start Playing Online Poker Today

Playing online poker is one of the most enjoyable ways to gamble online, and South Africans play poker online every single day. To start playing poker today, just read through the different reviews on this site, and then sign up with the poker site you like the best. Then you’ll be playing online poker at a fantastic casino in no time at all!

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How do I play poker online?

Playing poker online is a really easy process, and it starts by choosing the perfect online poker site – something that we can help you with. You then create an account, before adding money to your account using one of many different depositing options. You can then pick the poker game you want to play, sit down at the table, and receive your cards!

What is the best online poker site in SA?

There are many fantastic online poker sites for South African players, and different people will have their own personal views on which is number one. You can see which sites we think are best right on this page though. Our top poker sites change regularly though, as different sites introduce new features, so make sure you check back regularly.

What different poker variations are there?

There are loads of different poker variations, however the most popular at online poker sites is undoubtedly Texas Hold’em. In fact, you’ll find that the vast majority of online poker players play this version of the game. Other variations of poker you’ll find online include Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz and H.O.R.S.E.

Is it legal to play online poker?

The South African government has banned online gambling, therefore it is not technically legal to play poker online. Many people still do though, safe in the knowledge that online gamblers are rarely, if ever, prosecuted for doing so. Because of the laws, depositing using some methods can be tough, however there are still many viable options open to players in South Africa.

How much can I win playing poker online?

The amount you can win when playing poker online is pretty much unlimited. The biggest prizes come when playing at multi-table tournaments (MTTs) with big buy-ins though, and the top prizes at these can be worth hundreds of thousands. The amount you can win per pot in cash games is smaller, but the idea is to win multiple pots and build your winnings over time.

What depositing and withdrawing options can be used?

Depositing and withdrawing at South African online poker sites can sometimes be tricky, as banks often don’t allow players to make transactions with online gambling sites, thanks to the laws in the country. Therefore, many South African players choose to use e-wallets to play, while some elect to use Bitcoin, the world’s largest virtual currency.

Is playing online poker safe?

Yes, playing poker online is completely safe – providing you only play at one of our recommended sites. This is because we’ve thoroughly checked the security of each site we’ve reviewed, to ensure that the site keeps players’ money and details completely safe. We also only recommend sites that are regulated by a well-respected external organization.