The Top South African Online Gambling Sites for Tablets in 2022

Tablet Gaming

Mobile gambling is getting more and more popular in South Africa. In fact, mobile devices now rival desktops as the most popular way in which people play at online gambling sites in SA. Of the many mobile devices used, tablets are some of the most popular, thanks to their larger screens and easier to use interfaces. With online casinos constantly adding more and more games for mobile players, the use of tablets should only continue to rise in 2022!

There are loads of online gambling sites that can be accessed by those using a tablet, and we’ve reviewed many of them. So, if you’re looking to find the top place to play using your tablet in 2022, you should read through our reviews, and find the site that suits your personal preferences the best. Alternatively, you could head straight to our top tablet online casino, which is currently .

We’ll tell you loads about gambling with a tablet on this page, including:

  • Which tablets can be used to gamble online
  • Which gambling sites are best for tablets
  • How to download gambling apps to a tablet
Of the many mobile devices used, tablets are some of the most popular, thanks to their larger screens and easier to use interfaces.

The Best Sites for Tablets in 2022

Mobile players have loads of different options open to them, as online gambling sites realise that many players now demand to be able to play using a mobile device. So, how do you work out which site to sign-up with using your tablet? The answer is simple: read through our many reviews, which look at each online gambling site in great detail. While we look at many aspects of each site, one of the most important areas we look at is mobile accessibility. We’ll see if sites offer apps to players, and we’ll also tell you if the mobile optimized site is a good one. You’ll then know if the site in question meets your own personal standards.

As well as the mobile experience, we’ll also tell you about the many bonuses you could find at an online casino, including any bonuses that are exclusively reserved for mobile players. There’s also the security of the site to evaluate, as well as the quality of customer service, and the different depositing and withdrawal options. Then, of course, there are the games, and we’ll let you know how good the mobile games are at a site, and whether they offer any big titles.

The Tablets You Can Use to Gamble Online

You can use pretty much any tablet to gamble online, providing the device is connected to a reasonably good internet connection. Those owning an iPad will have one of the best playing experiences though, as apps are often offered to Apple users, plus the screen quality of an iPad ensures that the games look sharp and crisp. All versions of iPads can be used to gamble online, and all future versions will also be compatible with online gambling sites.

There are many different Android tablets on the market, and all of these can also be used to gamble online. This means that regardless of whether you own a Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 9, or any other tablet powered by the Android OS, you’ll have access to a great range of online gambling opportunities. What’s more, just like Apple users, those with Android devices will be able to download many gambling apps, and these should all be completely free.

If you own a tablet featuring an OS that isn’t iOS or Android, you can still play at online gambling sites, however you probably won’t be able to download an app. This shouldn’t be a problem though, as you’ll be able to head to the site via your browser, and this will normally take you to a fully optimized mobile website. So, if you own any tablet, you’ll be able to gamble online at a variety of different sites!

How to Download Gambling Apps

Apps are seen as the best way to gamble using a tablet by many players, but how do you go about choosing the best app to download? Well, in the first instance, you should take a look at our dedicated app page, which tells you everything you need to know about apps. You can then head to either The App Store or Google Play, depending on your device, and download the app straight to your device.

If you already have an account with an online gambling site, you won’t need to create another one after downloading the app – you can simply log-in using your existing details, and you’ll be able to use your existing profile and bankroll. If you’re new to the site though, it’s easy to create an account via an app, so you should be playing in no time at all.

Gamble Online with Your Tablet Today!

Do you own a tablet and want to start gambling online as soon as possible? If so, you should check out the reviews of our top tablet online casinos, so that you can choose the casino that is absolutely perfect for you. Once you’ve found the right casino, you’ll be minutes away from experiencing the fun and excitement of mobile gambling!

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Is it legal to gamble using a mobile device in South Africa?

This depends. If you are using your tablet to gamble at a registered South African online sportsbook, it is perfectly legal, however it is not technically legal to gamble at online casinos or poker sites. The fact is this though: most South Africans know that there’s a negligible chance of them being prosecuted for gambling online, so continue to play at their favourite sites regularly.

What’s the best site for gambling with a tablet?

There are absolutely loads of different sites that can be accessed using a tablet, and the one that is best for you is really down to your personal preferences. A good place to start looking though is the reviews of our top online gambling sites for tablet users, all of which have been written by experts in the online gambling world, and updated for 2022.

Which tablets can I use to gamble online?

The answer to this question is an easy one: you can use any tablet to gamble online, regardless of which operating system it uses. The most commonly used tablets are those running on iOS and Android though, however those running on different operating systems, such as Windows Phone tablets, can still be used to gamble online as well.

Are apps better than browser-based mobile gambling sites?

This really depends on your own personal viewpoint. Those who want access to their favourite online gambling site as quickly as possible will probably favour apps, as they bring the site up with just one click. Browser-based gambling sites can sometimes have more games though. So, the type of mobile experience you choose is really down to your personal preferences.

Is it safe to gamble online with a tablet?

Yes, it certainly is safe to gamble online using a tablet, providing you follow two rules. Firstly, you should only play at a site we’ve recommended, as we’ve tested the security features and ensured that it is safe. Secondly, you should only ever input personal information when connected to a trusted internet connection.