Live dealer Blackjack gambling - the ultimate in authentic casino action

Live dealer blackjack

As an SA Blackjack fan, there's nothing like the electrifying environment, the authentic atmosphere of a land based casino. There's also nothing like the convenience of playing at an online casino, with the ability to logon to top Blackjack games 24/7 from your computer or mobile and enjoy the best winning action. Now there's a way for you to enjoy the benefits of both all at once, with live dealer Blackjack online gambling!

Thanks to the innovation of live dealer Blackjack gambling online, you'll be able to enjoy one of your favourite real money games like never before. A compelling blend of exhilaration, convenience, and realistic gaming, gambling online with live dealer Blackjack is a must for every South African fan. Logon to start winning at an online casino near you today, and you'll immediately discover:

  • How you can get started at Blackjack with a live croupier
  • The rules of online gambling live dealer Blackjack
  • Where to find the best South African gaming sites

Getting started with live dealer Blackjack gambling online

When it comes to logging on and gambling online, live dealer Blackjack is no different from playing at any other 2022 South African online casino. In fact, since live dealer gaming is still so relatively new to the industry, any site offering online gambling with real croupiers will have it prominently displayed on their home page. All you need to do is open a free play or real money account the same way you would at any other online casino and you'll be ready to start playing and winning right away.

The similarities end there, however, because as soon as you step into the online casino you'll notice a marked difference from other gambling environments you might be more used to. That's because when you gamble online with Blackjack live croupier games you won't be playing in a digital casino anymore. Instead you'll be faced with a real, live responsive dealer. You'll be playing with opponents on either side of you, and you'll be enjoying all the action from within a completely genuine gambling environment, all brought to you through the power of video streaming. With web cams set up to capture every second of the live dealer Blackjack online gambling taking place, it's the future of internet gaming, and it's yours to enjoy every time you logon.

How to gamble on Blackjack with a live croupier

While you may find the addition of a live croupier and opponents a welcome addition to your gaming, and enjoy the convenience of a chat box to interact with them, you'll find everything else about online gambling, live dealer Blackjack, and indeed the whole virtual casino experience comfortably familiar. You're still playing to 21, you'll still be paid out 3:2 if your cards total 21 on your initial deal, and you'll still come out even if your hand ties with the dealer's. At the beginning of each game, your real-life croupier will deal you and each of your opponents two cards face up, while dealing themselves two cards with one facing up. You'll then play until you're confident you have the best hand possible, and then the dealer will do the same. Whoever's hand is highest without going over 21 is the winner, making Blackjack live dealer gambling just as thrilling and familiar as your regular online casino variation.

The difference comes not in the game itself then, but in the atmosphere surrounding you while you play. You'll have a responsive dealer in front of you, ready to chat and respond to any queries you may have. You'll have opponents on either side of you to talk to and interact with. And you'll have a top online gambling casino environment to play in, complete with real tables, authentic sights and sounds, and genuine winning action. All you need is a broadband internet connection, a decent line speed, and you'll be able to enjoy all the live Blackjack live croupier gambling you can handle, right from your PC, Mac or mobile.

So make the switch to live dealer play at any of our tried and tested 2022 Blackjack online casinos today, and get ready for the ultimate SA gaming experience. The croupiers are real, and so are the winnings, which means top gambling action and game after game of electrifying online Blackjack in the most realistic environment the internet has to offer!

Why choose online gambling Blackjack games with a live croupier:

  • It's authentic! Play in a completely realistic casino environment, right from your computer or mobile.
  • It's easily accessible! Logon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It's simple! Enjoy the same Blackjack gaming you always have, and the same winnings you've always played for.
  • It's world-class! Experience the best in crystal-clear sound, graphics and live video streaming.
  • It's innovative! Enjoy an old favourite in a whole new way, thanks to live dealer online gambling Blackjack!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is live dealer blackjack and how does it work?

Live dealer blackjack is blackjack you play at an online casino, except instead of seeing an animated cards you'll see real ones that are dealt and turned by a live dealer.

It's the most authentic blackjack experience you can get without having to go to a land casino, and in many cases you can even interact with your table's dealer.

Is blackjack with a live dealer safe to play?

Live dealer blackjack will be as safe as the online casino's other games are, maybe even moreso.

You should always play at a certified-safe online casino (like all of our recommended ones), but with live blackjack the fact that you can see real cards being shuffled and dealt (and not just via a computer algorithm) should give you extra peace of mind.

Is it a popular game to play?

Blackjack itself is one of the most popular card games in the world (online and off) so it makes sense that live dealer blackjack is also incredibly popular.

Along with live dealer roulette and baccarat, blackjack is easily one of the most popular live dealer games found at casinos online.

Where and when can I play it?

We've hunted down and listed all the best live dealer blackjack casinos right here for your enjoyment.

The hours you can play the game will vary by casino but many offer the game 24/7, while others will mainly offer it during the casino's busiest hours (such as weeknights and during the day on weekends).

Is it mobile-friendly?

More and more live dealer blackjack sites are making the game compatible with mobile devices.

You'll of course need a good Wi-Fi or 4G connection in most cases, but playing blackjack with a live dealer from your smartphone or tablet is a great experience if you do.

Can I do a free trial before wagering real money?

Free play versions of live dealer games aren't as common as they are for normal online casino games.

However you can always practice your blackjack strategy and get a refresher on the rules at a normal online blackjack free play table before moving to the real money, live dealer version.

Am I allowed to use strategies when I play?

Definitely, and that's one of the biggest benefits to playing blackjack online.

In a land casino it's usually frowned upon (if not strictly forbidden) to have a basic strategy reference sheet with you at the table. When you play online (with a live dealer or not) you can reference as many strategy guides and probability calculators as much as you want.