Win real money gambling at sports betting sites

Sports betting information

Sports betting involves placing a bet or a wager on the outcome of a sporting event. While it includes things like football, rugby, cricket and tennis, it also branches out to include entertainment events, like gambling on Dancing with the Stars, and even things like political events. Sports betting sites and online gambling operators in South Africa give users a huge variety of options to choose from.

The idea is to predict the outcome on an event and bet a wager based on bookmaker odds. In most cases your bet will have two possible outcomes, either you win a profit or you lose your cash.

Where can you place sports bets?

  • Bookmakers
  • Betting agencies
  • Gambling online at sports betting sites

Players are called punters or bettors.

How do sports bets work?

You can place bets that are for or against certain outcomes. If you bet on an outcome you are essentially backing it and want it to occur, like your favourite team winning a match for example. But a bet against, also known as a lay bet, enables you to bet against an outcome. One of the advantages of sports betting sites and online gambling hubs is the ability to play any odds you want from the comfort of home.

Gambling online at sports betting sites

One of the major differences between a sports bet and gambling at a casino is the odds. Unlike some casino games, in which the house edge is set in stone, sports betting relies on research, practise and pure chance to predict an outcome on gambling sites.

Why you always get your bet back

The odds are always on a ‘to one’ basis in real money online sports betting. That means you always get your bet back, plus winnings, if your predicted outcome comes to pass.

Common sports bets you can place when gambling online

    • Money line bets These are straightforward, and allow you to bet on who will win. If two teams are playing and you bet on the favourite, you’ll need to risk more than what you stand to win, but if you bet on the underdog you’re likely to be rewarded with more money if they win.
    • Point spread This is one of the top ways to bet, and generally gives bettors a 50% chance of winning. It is used by bookmakers to even out the odds on a mismatched game where, say, one of the teams is far stronger than their opponents, like a handicap for the weaker team.
    • Parlays This is when the bettor picks two or more events to bet on using the point spread already set out by the bookmaker. These kinds of bets are popular and can lead to large winnings with small bets.
    • Teasers Though similar to parlays, the point spread on each game moves in the player's favour in a teaser bet. Winnings are lower on gambling sports betting sites on these kinds of bets.
    • Futures This bet allows you to best predict who will win a championship when there are more than two teams to choose from, and the house edge varies depending on where you play.
    • Propositions A prop bet involves betting on things that will happen during a game, as opposed to the final score of it. For example, a prop bet may be placed on whether the first score will be a touchdown.
    • When playing on sports betting sites or gambling online at a casino, you have many different betting options to choose from, but the examples above are great for beginners to practise.

How to choose the best online gambling sports betting sites

Finding the right South Africa site is paramount to having a good experience, so if you’re looking for the top sports betting online gambling spots in 2022, here’s how to find them:

  • Ask friends for recommendations
  • Do some research to discover what sports are on offer before you sign up
  • Look at what value you are getting on each bet, most of the leading sites offer competitive odds
  • Research the deposit and withdrawal methods to ensure there is a varied selection of options
  • Research the deposit and withdrawal methods to ensure there is a varied selection of options

If you’re ready to see more for yourself, discover the greatest SA online gambling sites in 2022, and learn even more by playing the odds!