A Guide to Live Dealer Hold’em at South African Online Casinos

Online Hold'em

Live dealer games have taken the online casino world by storm, giving casino players a completely new way to play many of their favourite table games. Of these live dealer games, live dealer hold’em is one of the most popular, and it is played at a variety of stakes by South Africans every single day. With fun, excitement and the chance to win some serious amounts of money, it’s no surprise that so many people in SA have made this their top online casino game in 2022!

It used to be the case that only a few online casinos had live dealer games, however it is now common to find them at gambling sites. This means that some people can find it hard to work out which live dealer hold’em online casino to sign up with. There is a way to make this decision easy though – read our reviews, which will let you know which sites to play at, and which to avoid. There are lots of good online casinos offering live dealer hold’em in 2022, however at the moment we think that is the number one place to play.

We’ll tell you loads about live dealer hold’em on this page, including:

  • Which sites are best for live dealer hold’em players
  • How to play live dealer hold’em online
  • How to play the AA side game
Live dealer hold’em really is the most exciting way to play casino hold’em online.

Finding the Top Live Dealer Hold’em Site

As already mentioned, most online casinos now offer live dealer games to players, and live dealer hold’em is one of the games seen most often. To help you pick the site that’s best for you, we’ve reviewed a number of South African online casinos, meaning you can read the reviews, and choose the casino you like the look of best. These reviews will contain everything you need to know about a site, ranging from the security through to the depositing options, so you’ll have the full overview before you sign-up.

You can be completely sure that we’ll only recommend sites that we really believe are fantastic ones, because we aren’t owned by any online gambling company. Our independence means that we aren’t obliged to write dishonest reviews about specific sites. Our writers are allowed to give their true opinions, and this is why so many South Africans trust us when looking for a new online gambling site to play at.

How to Play Live Dealer Hold’em

Assuming you’ve chosen your online casino, and deposited funds, you’ll be able to play live dealer hold’em by clicking on the game. Sometimes it’s found buried with all the other table games, while sometimes it is in a dedicated live casino section of a site. Places at a table are limited, as a live dealer can’t cope with huge numbers of players, however the best sites have many tables, so it shouldn’t take too long to find a seat.

Playing live dealer hold’em is really easy, and the goal is to make the best five-card poker hand using the seven available cards. To start, you’ll need to place an ante bet, and you will then receive two cards face up on the table. The dealer will also receive two cards, and they will be face down. Three cards are then dealt face up into the centre of the table, and these cards can be used by all players, as well as the dealer.

Once the first three community cards have been dealt, you’ll need to decide whether to fold, or call. Folding will see you lose your ante bet, while calling will see you place another bet, which is double the size of your ante bet. If you call, another two community cards are dealt, and you’ll be able to see how strong your final hand is. The dealer will then reveal their hand. If they have beaten you, you’ll lose your money. If you’ve beaten them and they have a qualified hand, you’ll win double your total amount staked. If you win and the dealer doesn’t have a qualified hand, you’ll double your ante bet, and receive your call bet back. You will also win a prize based on the strength of your hand, with a Royal Flush leading to the biggest prize.

There is also the chance to play a side game at many versions of live dealer hold’em, and this is usually called the AA side bet. If you make this bet and your hand has a pair of Aces or better after the first three community cards have been dealt, you’ll win. The better your hand, the more money you’ll win. Most experienced players avoid the side game though, as it has a much lower RTP than the main game.

Play Live Dealer Hold’em Today

Live dealer hold’em really is the most exciting way to play casino hold’em online, offering all the excitement of the standard casino game, as well as the added exhilaration of playing with a live dealer! If you want to find the best live dealer hold’em online casino in South Africa, just read through our casino reviews, pick the one you like best, and you’ll be playing live dealer hold’em within minutes!

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Is it legal to play live dealer hold’em online?

As many online gamblers in South Africa will know, the South African government has banned most forms of online gambling, and this includes all live dealer games. The fact is this though: many South Africans continue to gamble online, as they know that the government is highly unlikely to prosecute those who gamble online.

How is live dealer hold’em played?

You’ll need to make an ante bet, and both you and the dealer then receive two cards. Three cards are dealt into the middle of the table, and you then decide whether to fold or call. If you call, two more community cards are dealt. You’ll then compare hands with the dealer, and if your hand is better, you’ll win money.

How does live dealer hold’em differ from the standard version?

If you’ve played standard casino hold’em at an online casino before, you’ll have no problem playing the live version. This is because the rules are exactly the same in both forms of the game. The only difference is that you’ll have a real dealer in the live version, beamed to your screen via a webcam. This makes live dealer hold’em the most exciting version of the game around!

How much can I win playing live dealer hold’em?

It’s possible to win quite a lot of real money when playing live dealer hold’em. This is because you can double your bet if you manage to beat the dealer, plus you could also get a prize based on the value of your hand. If you manage to get a Royal Flush, you could win an absolutely massive prize! Most players play multiple hands, and build their profits slowly though.

Is playing live dealer hold’em safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to play live dealer hold’em online when you play at one of the online gambling sites we recommend. This is because we only ever recommend online casinos that are regulated by reputable external organizations, as well as sites that use the highest security protocols to protect your money and personal details.

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