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With iPad gambling online, there's no reason to confine your slots, roulette or video poker gameplay to one single space. Play all your favourite online casino games in any room in your home, any outdoor space with an internet connection, or anywhere you need an instant shot of excitement. Just logon to any 2022 SA casino straight from your iPad and get playing and winning right away. It's the ultimate in convenient online gambling, and it's set to revolutionise the way you play. Choose from our range of top casino websites today and discover:

  • Why so many SA players enjoy online gambling via iPad
  • Just how easy it is to get started gambling via iPad
  • Which gaming option to choose - app or instant play

iPad gambling online - the new way to play

A few short years ago, no-one had ever heard of iPads or tablets. Fast forward to today, and it's difficult to imagine our lives without them - a compact device combining the processing power of a computer with the portability of a cellphone. It's no wonder then that the casino industry sat up and took notice, remastering and reformatting its gaming offering to suit this growing trend. Enter online iPad gambling, a mode of gameplay suited to tech-savvy players on the move, combining the best of desktop and the best of mobile gambling in one sleek, sophisticated package.

Looking at the technological innovation of the tablet itself, it's no wonder that gambling online via iPad has become such a popular trend. With its top functionality, usability, processing power, large high-resolution screen and crystal-clear graphics and sound, the iPad is the ideal platform for state-of-the-art mobile gaming and winning too. Just logon to your choice of SA iPad online gambling site anywhere, anytime, and turn every moment into another electrifying jackpot opportunity.

Get started gambling online via iPad today

If the idea of gambling via iPad has you reaching straight for your tablet, you'll be glad to know that getting started is as easy as can be, particularly if you're already an account holder at a reputable South African casino. Most top SA gaming sites have already begun repackaging their casino offerings for iPad use, which means if you want to download an online gambling iPad app onto your device, you'll have a selection to choose from.

Should you prefer to play at the regular casino you're more used to, however, you'll also be able to enjoy gambling online via iPad through the no download Flash casino. Simply logon through your internet browser, sign in with your existing username and password, or register a new account, and enjoy the ultimate in real money action

But whichever gameplay option you choose, app or no download, you'll be able to enjoy all the same benefits of any reputable 2022 South African casino:

  • The latest online casino games with cutting-edge sound and graphics
  • A huge welcome bonus in ZAR
  • A choice of real money and free play
  • Existing player promotions, giveaways and loyalty rewards
  • World-class South African deposit and withdrawal methods
  • The best in encryption technology and security standards
  • Licensed, regulated, and fully legal gameplay

So what are you waiting for? If you've got an iPad, you've got everything you need to set yourself up for thrilling online gambling casino action. Simply login to your iPad gambling account, play to win on your favourite games, jackpots and tournaments, and enjoy the ultimate in convenient, 24/7 online iPad gambling today!

The Big Five of online iPad gambling sites:

  • Supreme portability - play anywhere, anytime.
  • Excellent functionality, usability and processing power.
  • World-class quality: crystal-clear sound, graphics and animation.
  • The latest online casino games and the biggest welcome bonuses.
  • Your choice of app or no download gameplay, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make the move to iPad gambling and enjoy electrifying South African casino entertainment today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play at online casinos using my iPad?

Absolutely, and the iPad actually provides one of the best mobile casino gaming experiences of any device.

There are now countless top casinos that have redesigned themselves to look and operate beautifully on the iPad's touchscreen. These casinos also come with all the games and features you've come to love playing on PC, too.

Which specific iPad models are supported?

As with any device, the newer model you have, the smoother and more vivid your playing experience will be.

But that's not to say older generations of iPads aren't compatible with online casinos. As long as your Apple tablet can run iOS 6 or later, you'll be able to run most online casino sites and apps.

How do I get started?

Any good online casino (like our recommendations) will have step-by-step instructions on how to sign up and get started on your iPad.

Usually this involves the simple steps of registering a free account, making a real money deposit, and then deciding which game you want to play first.

Should I play on a downloadable app or in my browser?

It's up to you. More and more online casinos are shifting away from apps to more optimized browser-based sites.

There are still benefits to play on an app however, such as (usually) a wider selection of games and better graphics. One downside is that apps use up memory space on as opposed to playing on an html5 casino.

Are there gambling apps in the App Store?

There are great real money casino applications you can access in the App Store (as long as gambling is legal where you live).

Know too that most major online casinos have mobile-optimized versions of their sites you can play on without having to download an app. Also be aware that Apple typically does not allow casino-related transactions through your iTunes account.

What are the most popular games with iPad players?

iPad and South African casino players alike seem to really enjoy playing blackjack, slots, roulette, and lottery games for real money.

Other popular, but slightly more involved, online casino games include craps, poker, bingo, and pai gow. Sports betting also has a large following with iPad players.

How does playing on iPad compare to using other devices?

You could make a good argument that an iPad is *the* perfect device to play online casino games on.

With its screen that's larger than smartphones, the iPad is visually relaxing while still being mobile enough to carry and play anywhere there's internet. The tactile feedback the touchscreen as opposed to a PC mouse also helps create an engaging experience that feels closer to the real deal.