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Real money gambling

Want to experience the best in online gaming action, the latest in online casino games, and the ultimate in electrifying casino winnings? There's only one way to play then - and that's for real cash at South Africa's finest 2022 internet gaming sites!

If you're new to the world of real money online gambling, you'll soon find out that it's about so much more than simply placing bets online. It’s about enjoying the full casino experience from start to finish. And if you're gambling online for real money, that means being eligible for huge sign-up bonuses, regular prizes and promotions, massive progressive jackpots, and so much more! So don't delay - open your account at a South African casino near you today, and find out:

  • Why so many SA players choose to gamble for real money
  • How to get started with real money online gambling
  • How to control your betting stakes and limits
  • Where to find the top SA casino sites around

Gambling online for real money - the free play vs real play debate

When you sign up at any top South African 2022 online gambling site, you'll immediately notice you have two choices of gameplay: gamble for free and gamble for real cash. If you're a seasoned player, you'll immediately know which option to go for - the most rewarding one. If you're a beginner though, playing for free could be a good option for you when you're starting out. You'll become familiar with the rules and order of gameplay, you'll come to know which bets to place and when, and you'll become comfortable with the casino environment as a whole.

One tip though: don't stay in the free play area for too long. Once you've found your feet, make sure you upgrade to a real money online gambling account as soon as possible. Not only will this push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to grow as a player, it'll give you access to the full real money gambling online experience, which is why you signed up in the first place! So move into the spotlight and put those betting skills to the test the first chance you get.

What's in it for you - the advantages to online gambling for real money

As we've said, choosing the online gambling for real money option immediately opens you up to a world of winning possibilities, most notably rewards like:

  • Huge sign-up bonuses. As soon as you open an account to gamble online for real money, you'll instantly qualify for a generous sign-up bonus, which could see you claiming hundreds in free casino credits.
  • Regular prizes and promotions. As a loyal real cash player, you'll have the opportunity to enter regular competitions for the chance to win fantastic cash prizes and other exciting luxury giveaways.
  • Massive progressive jackpots. Gambling for real money means having full access to the complete suite of games available at your casino, like the multi-million progressive jackpots that could literally change your life at the touch of a button.

As you can see, it pays to play for real, and then some!

Staying within your betting limits - controlling your real money gambling online

But perhaps the biggest advantage of gambling for real cash online is the amount of control it affords you as a player. When you choose to bet for actual cash, rather than free casino credits, the choice of playing for low stakes or high stakes is completely up to you. If you're playing for free, you may be less concerned with the outcome and more tempted to bet higher or lower as the case may be. But if you're gambling for real money online, you'll have control over your gaming budget every step of the way.

All you have to do is work out how much you can afford to spend at your online gambling site of choice, and then tailor your bets accordingly. If you need to lower the stakes on a game to meet your personal betting limits, you'll be able to do so by adjusting the coin size to a smaller amount. Alternatively if you're able to play for higher stakes, simply adjust your bet accordingly on your choice of table game, video poker machine or slots reel, and you'll have maximum enjoyment with minimum impact on your budget. It's total gaming freedom, and it's the best way to play.

Now that you know the advantages to betting and playing with actual cash, it's time to get you started on your road to riches and our recommended 2022 South African online gambling sites will be able to help you get there with ease. Simply take your pick of our tried and tested real money online gambling sites, open your account, and make your move to the winners' circle today.

Gambling for real money online - know your limits

Looking to place your bets and enjoy responsible online gambling at the same time? It's easy!

  • Calculate how much you're able to spend at each casino visit
  • Adjust your coin size downwards if you need to lower your stakes
  • Adjust your coin size upwards if you're able to play for higher stakes
  • Know your personal gaming limits, and stay within them at all times

It's real South African casino play at its best.

FAQ Question Mark

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is gambling with real money better?

One main advantage of gambling with real money is the big cash bonus. You can easily bet a small amount and end up earning a generous cash prize. There is also a lot of choice for you to choose from. There are plenty of great real money online casinos that are available to players gambling in South Africa.

Will I get a better bonus with real cash games?

Yes. By playing real cash games players can win bigger and better cash bonuses. South Africa gambling has a varied bonus system. Players can choose from a 'play only bonus', 'withdrawal bonus', 'free play bonus' or a 'reload bonus'. Do your research to find the best online casino with a bonus system that will best benefit you.

Is real money gambling available to mobile players?

Yes. Real money gambling is available to all mobile players whether it's an Android, iPad or iPhone. This means that you can play your favourite real money games on the go and with complete freedom, whether that means a gambling site's mobile games or a dedicated mobile app. Most online casinos are equipped with the latest software for their mobile apps to ensure the best quality for all players.

Can I pay for online betting in my own currency?

Yes, and it is usually the best option. Some payment methods are not accepted in certain online casinos, so it is best advised to choose a casino that deals with Rand and has the most popular payment options in SA. Paying in a different currency can lead to confusion and expensive conversion rates.

Are the cashiers at online gambling sites secure?

Yes. Security systems are constantly upgraded and checked to ensure safety in financial transactions. Online gambling sites make use of 128 bit SSL encryption technologies to maximise privacy and security. Therefore, you can be sure that all your payment and banking information is not hackable in any way.

How fast will the transactions be?

This highly depends on which payment method you choose. In South Africa, credit cards are the easiest and fastest method to deposit and withdraw money from. This payment method is instant which means that transactions happen even faster.